Vegan Cupcake and Chocolate Cake -LM Baking Mix

Vegan Cupcake and Chocolate Cake -LM Baking Mix

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Shhh...not a lot of sugar + sprouted flax for the win in the newly designed LM Baking Mix! 

Simple ingredient list that is designed for small fingers and curious taste buds -safe for licking the spoon. A tasty way for sensory development! (No eggs -Yes it's magic, and flour is pre baked.) As a mom I know it's next to impossible to keep little fingers out of the bowl. NOW you can safely let them mix and eat while they also learn the appreciation kitchen lesson and enjoy the benefits of sprouted flax. 

Our delicious ingredient list: Non GMO flour, Sprouted flax, organic cane sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt. Frosting: Powdered sugar with your choice of vegan butter. 

1lb Package

Sprouted Benefits: Easy to digest (YES!), gently dried, preserved at the exponential growth phase to provide nutrition for an energized life. Organic, non-GMO, packed with expressed vitamins, minerals, enzymes, FOS and MOS.