Blueberry Waffles LM Baking Mix

Blueberry Waffles LM Baking Mix

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Shh...NO sugar + sprouted goodness and whole wheat 

Simple ingredient list. LM mixes are designed for small fingers and curious taste buds -safe for licking the spoon! In face we encourage it for sensory development. (no raw eggs and the flour is prebaked. As a mom I know it's hard to keep little fingers from sneaking a lick.) We want you to have peace of mind and know that not only are they enjoying licks but also it's soo good, they will hardly even know we snuck in something healthy. 

Our delicious ingredients: Non GMO flour, whole wheat flour, sprouted flax, dried blueberries, egg powder, baking powder, salt, cinnamon. 

Mixed and packaged in a bakery and also makes delicious items using nuts, dairy and wheat. 

Benefits of sprouted: Easy to digest (YES!), gently dried, preserved at the exponential growth phase to provide nutrition for an energized life. Non GMO, organic, packed with expressed vitamins, minerals, enzymes, FOZ and MOS. 

Instructions with package.